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Publisher Dev:NCSOFT Corp 
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For an MMO that launched in 2014, WildStar sure adopts some pretty archaic systems. Hardcore raid attunement? Check. Gated daily quest chains that make rep grinding a pain in the ass? Super check. Ultra grindy quest system? Afraid so. Thing is, you won’t mind very much because its action-oriented combat system is so damn fun. Use an ability, and a telegraph reticule appears on the ground.

So long as the thing you’re trying to kill remains in that telegraphed area, you’ll hit it. This puts a huge emphasis on active dodging and smart skill use, meaning fights never get dull. Plus, every class in the game is incredibly versatile, as all of them can fulfil at least two of the three roles in the holy trinity of DPS, tanks, and healers. While the game has run into financial woes of late, cancelling a planned expansion into China and laying off a large part of its development team, it’s still alive and kicking in North America and Europe. Play it while you can.


Boss Hunter Challenge

They’re the biggest of the baddest and the baddest of the biggest. They’re bosses and it’s time somebody took ’em down! For a limited time get extra rewards every time you or your party slay a World Boss or Legendary Champion. Starting January 26 at 2:01am PST, and going through January 29 at 11:59pm PST, it’s time to take on the Boss Hunter Challenge!

World Bosses allow groups of players to take on formidable foes for high-end rewards, but you don’t have to be in a coordinated raid to jump in. Anyone can attack a World Boss and reap the rewards, so head out and start hunting, and use our World Bosses article for help in tracking them down.

Residential Renovation! January 12–19

Lights, camera, action! Sara Conavius, housing designer and renovator extraordinaire, will be in town January 12 at 10am PST until 10am PST on January 19 to look for properties to feature in new episodes of her intergalactic hit holovision show, “Residential Renovation.” The self-proclaimed Genesis Prime of Home Improvement, Sara will help you make your home really pop for the cameras in the new “Neighborhoods of Nexus” edition of her Protostar Academy Award-eligible series.

Do your part to aid in the production of Sara’s broadcast by completing a series of home improvement tasks and she’ll reward you with Home Renovation Guides which you can turn in for the Exile Builder’s Pack, Dominion Builder’s Pack, and NPC Décor Pack—three bundles of fantastic collectibles previously offered as part of the Battle Chase collection.

Filming for Residential Renovation will be ongoing for one week each month and feature three rotating reward sets. This is a fine opportunity for architects, landscapers, and interior designers alike to further inflate their prolific troves of decorative treasures!

Anxious to get your paws on more renovation loot? Next up for the month of February is the Sim-Chase collection.



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