The Legend of Condor Heroes

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GAMEPLAY The story basically focuses on your encounters with the Five Greats (Huang Yaoshi, Hong Qigong, Ouyang Feng, Duan Zhengcun and Wan Chongyang) and the investigation of a legendary martial arts manual – Nine Yin Manual (九阴真经).


The Legend of Condor Heroes

Publisher Dev:Efun, Official Site 
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The story basically focuses on your encounters with the Five Greats (Huang Yaoshi, Hong Qigong, Ouyang Feng, Duan Zhengcun and Wan Chongyang) and the investigation of a legendary martial arts manual – Nine Yin Manual (九阴真经). You will even embark on a journey along with the main protagonist including Guo Jing after a certain chapter.

You will need to make a choice between the 4 classic classes – the Beggars, Quanzhen, Taohua and Baituoat the beginning of the game. Every class comes with their very own martial abilities where you can unlock and upgrade them according to your character level. Furthermore, the ability system promotes variety by allowing you to customize your abilities – matching up different line-up of skills (up to 100 possible combinations!).

To strengthen your combat power, there are tons of equipment (in different rarity) for you to collect and upgrade. You can also inlay gems on the equipment. From my experience, obtaining rare equipment are easier than I thought as certain quests reward you with them.

Other than the main story quests, different side quests such as Equipment Quest and Items Quest are available to fill up your time (and get experience/materials). However, you will need to form a team to participate in these side quests (time to make some friends~). You can participate in the various PK modesincluding Arena and Huashan tournament to grab yourself some rewards too.

The game introduces camp system too where you can join one of the two camps – Hall of Loyalty or Tower of Misty Rain. Joining a camp will grant yourself the access to camp activities (camp VS camp battle, Capture The Flag and more) alongside hundreds of your allies.

As I mentioned above, you can make friends using the various social system. You can join a guild, find a master or get to know someone with similar interest from TaoHua Island (similar to Wechat’s Moment). You (and your friend) can even get married after a certain friendship level!


The mobile game inherits the worldview from The Legend of Condor Heroes, so fans of the original novel / TV series may find it familiar. For example, the epic battles between the “Five Greats” on the Huashan Mountain or Genghis Khan in Mongolian outfit. All of these actually brought back a lot of my memories!

In addition, there will be a lot of rewards – ingots, legendary equipment, mounts and more obtainable from daily login or quests so free-to-play players won’t feel disadvantaged comparing to the pay-to-play players.


Although you can still powers up yourself without using a cent, some of the coolest mounts and outfits are only obtainable by spending real cash. Also, the character’s voiceover and the subtitles are not in sync(sometimes), which make the cinematic part weird.


Aside from those that I mentioned, there is still a lot of interesting features up for you to explore as I couldn’t fit all of them in this review. If you are someone who likes martial arts themed MMORPG, you should give Legend of Condor Heroes a try. While if you are a fan of The Legend of Condor Heroes, you should definitely try it out because it is time to get those nostalgic feels back!

For more information of Legend of Condor Heroes, you can visit their official site or Facebook.

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【金庸授权 射雕英雄一甲子】

【正宗武学 盖世降龙十八掌】

【华山论剑 腥风血雨争九阴】

【神仙眷侣 携手缠绵一世情】



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