Legen of Gloria Android MMORPG

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Legen of Gloria Android MMORPG


Legen of Gloria Android MMORPG

Publisher Dev:NetEase Website 
Release Date:Mar 31, 2018 

NetEase has just announced its 2.5D action MMO Legend of Gloria would officially kick off Closed Beta on Mar 31 in China. Legend of Gloria is set in a western fantasy world of the classic good(Human, Orc and Elf) vs. evil(Undead and Demon) conflict, and players can act as one of the legends from Gloria and fight against the evil.

The most attractive feature in Legend of Gloria is the game drops the traditional MMO quest system and adopts a real-time quest system which players will receive different world quest according to how many players are online simultaneously. There are four gender-lock classes for you to choose from, namely Demon Hunter, Orc Warrior, Human Mage and Elf Priest, and each class has two distinctive skill builds which can be switched during the battle. Besides, powered by self-developed Messiah engine, Legend of Gloria features visually-stunning graphics and vivid environment details. You can check out some screenshots below.

Talent Switch


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